Ban Lion Village

Ban Lion, on Koh Phratong Island, is an area of unusual beauty and biodiversity. The island's name, translated as Golden Buddha, is taken from the legend of a pirate who buried a looted Buddha statue in the sand. The island has 16 km of undeveloped beach, lined by coconut orchards and mangrove forests. It is a great place to relax, swim, hike and explore for a day. 

There's plenty of homestay activities in and around Ban Lion:

  • Inland, you'll be transported along sandy tracks to the Savannah grassland, so look out for deer and rare birdlife along the way.
  • On the coast, visit the site of Pak Jok Village, devastated in the 2004 tsunami, or join a local guide at low tide and learn about the beauty and rich biodiversity of sea grass beds.
  • Join with Naucrates as a volunteer to help out with local conservation efforts, including sea turtle conservation
  • In the village, learn about the local way of life by helping fishermen make squid traps or join with the women to thatch strands of native grass into sturdy roofing for local homes.
  • There's nothing more rewarding than catching your own dinner, so why not set out with local fishermen on a long-tail boat and try your luck at local fishing techniques.
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Savannah Walk

Typical CBT Bedroom


deserted beach walk

beach sunset