Tung Dap Activities

Thailand tourism remote beaches


Thailand tourism Homestay

What make Tung Dap truly unique is its friendly people and the intimacy with nature. Though not fully developed, homestay service here welcomes you with warmth and family like feelings. Try fresh seafood caught by villagers. Let the local guides show you the beautiful landscape of the area. Get closer to simplicity of life by staying in a hand built house, which made from natural resources, and appreciating the local ways of life.

Orchid Farm Visit

Orchids provide a colorful, rich tapestry throughout Thailand. Tung Dap is home to an orchid farm with seemingly endless rows of stunning orchids. Meander about the farm while learning about the popular flower in Thailand. A visit to this bright, color-filled farm is sure to develop photographs worth framing at home.

Exertion level: Easy
Duration: 1 hour

Sunset At The Beach

Thailand tourism Sunset At The Beach

About one kilometer from the school is a peaceful beach. The beach appears as you crest a small hill surrounded by a forest of looming palm trees. The sunset is the perfect time to relax and absorb all of the day’s events.

Exertion level: Easy
Duration: 2-3 hours

Making Squid Traps

Thailand tourism Making Squid Traps

Catching squid is one of the key livelihoods of the region. Making traps is a continuous activity. Join the local fishermen to tie ropes from floating devices to traps, tie nets around the floating devices, or carry the finished cages to the high-tide mark where the cages go out to sea in the morning. Now locals are facing a problem they have tried to deal, commercial fishing boats (trolling) that are illegal come to fish in the area of quid traps place and destroy all traps of locals here.

Exertion level: Easy
Duration: 1-2 hours

Pond Fishing

In between making squid traps or being at sea, the local fisherman love to gather food from local ponds. They tend to be quite successful by trapping lots of smaller fish and even the periodic large catfish. Visitors can get muddy by trying to catch the big ones with their bare hands or by throwing weighted nets. By the time you also can see many kinds of bird around there including lessor adjutant which came to find fish when water in the pond is low.

Exertion level: Moderate
Duration: 2-3 hours to one day

Mangrove Plantation

Thailand tourism Mangrove conservaton

The planting process involves taking stalks hanging off living trees and sticking them into the ground. Help the villagers bring back this critical habitat that preserves biodiversity and limits erosion.

Exertion level: Moderate
Duration: 2-3 hours

Making Dessert

Enjoy the local culinary delight, made from konjac flour, and learn how to make your own dessert. This is a great chance to interact with villagers, while getting to try your cooking skills.

Exertion level: Easy
Duration: 2-3 hours