Getting Here and Back

The North Andaman region is easy to reach by air or road from major destinations in Thailand including Bangkok, Phuket, and Ranong.

At the northernmost tip of the North Andaman is Ranong province, which has its own airport and well-serviced bus station. The Southernmost gateway is the popular tourist destination of Phuket, complete with international airport and bus station. A bit further away, the eastern gateway of Surathani has an airport and train station that links to Bangkok.

Common starting points for a journey in this area are the towns of Kuraburi, Kampuan, and Kapoe, all of which are situated on the area's main road, Highway No. 4.

Some communities offer a transfer service, while others may advise you to make your way direct to the village. Please contact your tour operator or village coordinator directly for more travel details which will depend on your mode of transport and previous destination.