Ton Kloy Village

tom kloy - jungle waterfall

Although Ton Kloy is located just off the main highway, it's still a world away from the hustle and bustle of trucks and buses. Join a local guide and pick sumptuous tropical fruit straight from the tree, and then try your hand at weaving sarongs with the women's group, or simply marvel at the intricate traditional patterns.

Ton Kloy is a well known departure point for jungle hikes, including a spectacular waterfall and an historical tin mine that was active during the early 1970's, and used to feature a good access road and a helicopter landing pad.

The Ton Kloy waterfall and swimming hole is a popular weekend destination for surrounding villages. The shallow waters make it an ideal place for families and young children to swim and play. At the weekend, local vendors sell green papaya salad and hire out rubber rings.

tom kloy - handicrafts

tom kloy - cultural exchange