Ton Kloy Story

The Story of Ton Kloy

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Ton Kloy was originally known as Pru Guam, which translates directly as "swamp-forest of the elephant with no tusks," and was previously a good place to catch wild elephants that roamed the forests. The name originates from a story that, roughly forty years ago, an elephant became stuck while crossing the swamp forest and died.

A few years later, a number of settlers from neighbouring provinces (Surathani, Krabi, and Nakorn) cleared the swamp-forest, planted fruit trees, and built a small cluster of houses. In 2001, the area became an official village called Ton Kloy. 'Ton' means small waterfall and 'Kloy' is the name of a rhizome root plant which is found in the area and is used to make a local dessert. Later the same year, Ton Kloy became known as Ban Ton Kloy, Moo 6.

Today, Ton Kloy is home to 278 people in 56 households, most of whom are Muslim farmers, depending on crops such as rubber, oil palm, beetle nut, and fruit.

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