Phone and Fax Services

Mobile Phones

There are several major companies, including AIS, True and DTAC, each with a separate mobile phone network. Pay-as-you-go SIM cards and can be purchased at most convenience stores for roughly 100 Baht. New mobile phones are available from 1,200 Baht, and secondhand phones around 800 Baht. Refill cards to add calling credit are also commonly available. If you already have a phone, you can get it unlocked at a mobile phone shop.


There are public telephone booths that accept coins and credit cards, although they are poorly maintained. All landline telephone numbers in Thailand are nine-digit numbers, and all Thai mobile-phone numbers are 10 digits. All provinces have a dialing code. International calls can be made from hotels, Internet cafes and yellow International call booths in tourist areas. It is possible to call direct to 80 countries in five continents. When contacting overseas from Thailand, dial 001 plus the country code, then the telephone number. To reach Malaysia, dial 09 and to reach Laos, dial 099 856.

Phone Country Code

The code to reach Thailand is + 66.