Money Services

Tip: Be sure you have some Thai Baht in small denominations before you reach rural areas.

Banks with ATM machines can be found in the towns of Kuraburi, Kampuan, and Kapoe. Banks are open Monday to Fridays from 08.30 till 16.30. Most are open from 08.30 till 12.00 on Saturdays. Banks are closed on Thai public holidays. Credit cards are not usually accepted at small businesses across the North Andaman, but some tour services and hotels may accept them.

The Thai Baht (฿) is divided into 100 Satang. Satang copper coins are valued at 50 and 100. Bank notes are available in denominations of 20 Baht (green), 50 Baht (blue), 100 Baht (red), 500 Baht (purple) and 1000 baht (brown). Money can be exchanged at the airport, at banks, or in Bureau de Change offices in touristy areas. Check for the current exchange rate.