Traveling with Children

Thailand is a great place for traveling with children. Thai culture places great emphasis on family values, and childcare is considered everyone's responsibility. Your children, especially younger ones, will become the centre of attention and will find Thai playmates easily.

Fresh and powered milk is widely available. When ordering Thai food, before to ask for it not spicy, mai pet in Thai. Carry wipes or hand sanitizer with you, as most toilets do not provide soap or tissue. Don't let children play with dogs or cats to avoid the risk of rabies. Keep children well protected from the sun by regularly applying a waterproof sun block and keep them out of direct sunlight. Protect your children with plenty of mosquito spray; look for brands without DEET.

Safety is another issue to be aware of, as Thailand doesn't have the same safety standards as back home. Manholes may be uncovered, swimming pools unfenced or depths not specified. Keep an eye on children and do not let them wander off too far. Most beaches do not have a lifeguard service.

Although there are crosswalks in Thailand, they are relatively new and not all drivers adhere to them, so take extra care when crossing the roads. Baby car seats are not required by law and difficult to locate; if you feel it is essential, you might want to bring your own.