Responsible Tourism

responsible tourism

Helping a local community to improve a trail through the jungle might not be everyone's idea of a perfect holiday, but for Dave and Meredith it proved to be fascinating insight into a traditional way of life that is under threat from the rapid pace of tourism development in Southern Thailand. As part of their holiday, the couple visited a homestay in Ban Talae Nok, and jumped at the chance to help the villagers clear the local nature trail and make it safe for future tourists.

"We are passionate about this type of tourism because it benefits both parties," explained Meredith. "For us, it enriched our lives and informed our sense of the world. The villagers have become stewards of their own experience; making decisions about how to introduce tourism into their lives, rather than having Western tourism forced upon them."

As tourism becomes a more prominent economic force in the area, there is a danger of local communities being unprepared, both in terms of job skills and cultural resilience.

responsible tourism

To counter this trend, a growing number of communities are offering genuine alternatives to the harmful practices of mass tourism.

As a visitor to this area, your choice to travel responsibly makes a big difference.

To learn more, visit the communities and activities pages, along with local conservation and community development efforts.

Below, you can link to responsible tourism destinations beyond the North Andaman.

Regional Community Tourism

These villages offer a wide variety of high-quality community tourism activities, from white-water rafting to homestays.

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Overview of Responsible/Sustainable Tourism