The North Andaman Network Foundation

Moken Children


Facilitating the emergence of an organic leadership network with critical thinking skills, capable of initiating sustainable development in their own communities.


Work with partner communities to empower locally-led, systems-based adaptations to changes in the natural, social, and economic environments.


Moken computer room exterior

The NAN foundation works in cooperation with communities along the North Andaman Coast of Ranong and Phang Nga provinces in Thailand.

The NAN Foundation is a collective of committed locals, activists, and development experts with over a decade of grassroots experience including tsunami relief, conservation, community based tourism, education, and human rights.

Current efforts include:

By empowering partners who understand global issues and their impacts on local communities, we are inspiring a sense of confidence and preparedness in how to adapt to changing climates.


moken boat and village

andaman coast jungle rafting