Making it Happen

Tour Program

naka village - river rafting friends

The main activity in Nakha is rafting through the Water Lilies. Excurions last about four hours and include a delicious lunch.

How to Book

Thai speakers can arrange trips arranged directly. English speakers are advised to contact local tour operator Andaman Discoveries.

Chamni Aunkaw, Chairman
Telephone: +66 (0) 84 192 6048

Oy Aunkaw, Coordinator
Telephone: +66 (0) 84 842 4585


Where to Sleep

naka village - river rafting

Nearby accommodations include homestays in Ban Talae Nok and Muang Kluang villages or at the Kampuan Community Learning Center.

How to Get There

Rafting starts just below the reservoir at Klong Nakha. Take the east-bound road just after the bridge over Nakha river, 9km north of Kampuan town.


Rafting is available between October and December, when the delicate white flowers of the water lily bloom above water level.