Nakha Story

naka village - endangered water lily

The Story of Nakha

The endangered Nakha Water Lily, found only in the Nakha river, now faces serious threats from commercial collection as aquarium plants, habitat loss due to river excavation and changing land use patterns.

Recognizing the imminent threat to the water lily, a group of concerned locals formed the "Plen Prai Sri Nakha" Club in 2005 — with a mission to protect Klong Nakha through conservation, education and sustainable income to villagers via rafting trips along the river.

The group is highlighting the lack of government legislation to protect the water lily and working to educate locals of all ages through educational trips using funds directly from rafting activities. The club also sponsors a nursery that is used by the youth group for replanting the water lilies.

naka village - endangered water lily

The water lily now has a chance for survival, and the villagers of Nakha invite you to join them for a day of eco-fun along the river.

There are eight villages in Nakha. The area is dotted with rubber and oil plantations, fruit orchards (mangosteen, rambutan, durian and langorn) and vegetable and watermelon gardens. The majority of inhabitants engage in small-scale agriculture, fishing and labour.

Unlike many of the nearby locales, Tambon Nakha area has been settled only in the last thirty to forty years — by migrants from Nakorn Si Thammarat, Trang, and Krabi provinces. The area was deemed sympathetic to the communist movement in the 1970's, and a number of student activists took refuge from government troops in the hills above Nakha.

Being relatively powerless, the communities and natural resources of Tambon Nakha were often taken advantage of by local mafia, government officials, and outside businessmen; leading to deforestation, poor water quality, and diminished non-timber forest products. You can learn more about what has been done to counter this in the Community Action page

naka village - jungle trek vista

naka village - river rafting