Nakha Activities

naka village - jungle rafting activity

River Rafting

Are you ready for a break from the sand and seawater of the coast? If so, join with the "Plen Prai Sri Nakha" Club for a day of rafting on a gentle river, and help protect the endangered water lily along the way.

Guests typically spend four hours floating down the river on inflatable or bamboo rafts, depending on group size and water level. Large and small groups are welcome, and the lunch stop includes a delicious local-style lunch, served in a banana leaf dish.

naka village - delicious lunch

The rafting route takes visitors through orchards of palm, rubber, and traditional crops such as such as coffee, mangosteen, and durian. During the trip, you can learn about the ways that locals are working to protect their environment from commercial plantation owners and illegal logging.

Safety: The ride is smooth, gentle, and safe for all ages.

Exertion level: easy
Duration: 4 hours

Nature Trail

naka village - jungle trek nature

Klong Nakha Wildlife Sanctuary is ranked as one of most biodiverse areas in Thailand. It is home to elephants, tigers, tapir, gibbons, and eight species of hornbill. Attractions include a nature trail that starts at the park headquarters, located 17 km north of Kampuan. Overnight camping is available beyond the nature trail, but requires permission from the rangers.

Exertion level: moderate
Duration: 1-2 hours