Muang Kluang Community Action

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Inspired by the Patoh ecotourism group in nearby Chumpon province, Muang Kluang Eco-tourism Club was founded by Bang Pring, a local visionary. The homestay program and an organic garden were established in 2002 to build pride in the local way of life, and provide opportunities for others who had become clean and sober, yet still faced stigma from local society. After Bang Pring's death in 2006, a scholarship fund was created using profit from the homestay, and his brother became leader of the group.

Development of the Homestay and Ecotourism Group was assisted, until last year, by a steady stream of paying volunteers from Greenway, a company specializing in service opportunities. The Ranong office of the Department of Sport and Tourism has provided first aid and "ecotourism" training, snorkeling equipment, and funding for an information center. The Doi Roi Nature Trail was sponsored by the government's "Au Dee Mee Suk" Project. Members of the ecotourism group have been on several study tours, including Koh Yao Noi (under TAT sponsorship), Leeled (with Raks Thai), and Kiriwong (as part of the Ranong Ecotourism Club).

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Since its founding, the Muang Kluang Club has grown from six to 15 homestays, all located in Samnak village, which has a total of 424 homes (1,803 people). The Club is comprised of seven sub-groups: homestay, food, occupation, fish farm, land-based activities, sea-based activities, and entertainment.