Koh Surin

koh surin - vibrant marine life

Located 60 kilometers from the Phang Nga coast, is Mu Koh Surin National Park, a group of five islands featuring the most extensive coral reef in Thailand. Diving and snorkeling are very popular here - whales and whale sharks are known to frequent the area, and the islands are a nesting site for three species of turtle.

The islands are also home to the Moken Sea Gypsies, an ancient sea-faring people. Traditionally nomadic, the Moken have responded to growing socio-economic pressures by settling permanently in their former monsoon refuges.

koh surin - moken community

Please visit the Moken village and purchase the beautiful woven crafts and handcarved boats. While you are in the village, join a Moken guide for a village tour or hike on the Chok Madah Nature Trail. These educational walks trek across the island highlight the local way of life. Offering a generous donation to your informative guides also encourages the Moken to embrace their fading culture.

Accommodation can be found at the national park, either by renting tents or staying in park-run bungalows.

The biodiversity of the Surin Islands makes them an important ecological site, with mangrove forests, tropical forest, evergreen forest, beach forest, sea grass beds and coral reefs. Over 80 species of animals have been recorded on the islands, including egrets, terns, Brahminy kites, the rare Nicobar pigeon, the lesser mouse deer, monitor lizards, reticulated pythons, lemurs, flying boxes and many kinds of bats and foxes. There are also a number of edible plant species found on the island, including various species of yam.

koh surin - moken handicrafts

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