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koh surin - moken boat

How to Book

The activities listed here are not available through the national park. You must hire a boat to the Moken village, and ask for a local guide for the village tour or Chok Madah Nature Trail.

Several hotels and tour operators in the recommended businesses arrange transport, accommodation, and tours. If you are visiting with a tour operator, please request a visit to the Moken village, and make sure that you ask for enough time for activities.

For inquiries

koh surin - moken handicrafts

The Andaman Pilot Project

Where to Sleep

Accommodation can be found at the national park, either by renting tents or staying in park-run bungalows.

How to Get There

The National Park and several tour operators run boats out to Surin National Park. Tour operator speedboats leave Koh Surin National Park Kuraburi Pier at around 08.30 and arrive at Koh Surin National Park Pier at 09.30. The slower National Park ferry boat leaves Koh Surin National Park Kuraburi Pier at 08.30 and arrives at Koh Surin National Park Pier 11.00.

For more information, please contact recommended businesses or Koh Surin National Park.


koh surin - moken handicrafts

Koh Surin is open from November until May. The island is closed to tourists during the monsoon.