Koh Surin Activities

Note the activities listed here are not available through the national park. You must hire a boat to the Moken village, find a local guide, and request the village tour or Chok Madah Nature Trail.

Village Tour

koh surin - moken village tour

A tour around the village is an insight into the intricate relationship between the Moken and their surrounding environment. As you get off the boat you will notice brightly colored "Spirit Poles" to honor the spirits that inhabit nature.

The village is made up of bamboo houses on stilts built directly onto the sand. You will see women taking care of the children and weaving Pandanus products. For the Moken Community, family connections are strong and dependable. There is an informative visitor centre with displays in Thai and English to educate tourists about the Moken culture.

Ask your guide about the following village highlights:

koh surin - nature trail hike

  • Moken and the tsunami
  • Kabang traditional Moken houseboat
  • Handicrafts don't forget your wallet!
  • Plants used for medicine and daily life

Exertion level: easy
Duration: half day

Chokmadah Nature Trail

The Chokmadah nature trail introduces visitors to the sustainable use of natural resources to help preserve the Moken way of life. Chok means small bay in Moken language and Madah is the name of a local man who anchored his boat in the bay.

koh surin - moken village wisdom

The Andaman Pilot Project has produced an easy-to-read Guide to the Chok Madah Nature Trail.

The Moken have used the trail for generations as a source of food, shelter and medicine. The trail consists of 20 interpretive signs, with a wealth of information about each plant and its use. The trail is a result of a partnership between numerous stakeholders including International organizations, universities, government offices and community members. The trail has improved understanding and increased communication between these stakeholders. The trail alone, might not address the direct threats to the Moken way of life, but it has started communication between the different stakeholders. By accompanying a Moken guide, you are also allowing the Moken community to gain direct economic benefit from tourism.

Exertion level: moderate
Duration: 1 hour