Koh Surin Community Action

koh surin - moken community

Previously, most tourists would visit the Moken community as part of a day tour run by the National Park or tour operators, with little or no involvement from community members.

More recently, the Andaman Pilot Project of Chulalongkorn University has been working to address these issues, and as a result, Koh Surin has been nominated as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The Andaman Pilot Project is creating livelihood and tourism opportunities based on Moken practices and beliefs, while contributing to their social and economic wellbeing. The Chok Madah Nature-Culture Trail is an example of how the project aims to integrate society, economy, environment and culture of the Moken for their direct benefit.

Visiting the Moken village is an excellent way to learn about the complex issues surrounding the National Park, conservation, and the Moken community.

koh surin - moken boat

The Moken do not have a written language and their history is passed down verbally through folklore from generation to generation. The Surasawdee School In Koh Surin Nua teaches Moken children Thai, math, basic health care and environmental education. The school aims to encourage Moken elders to take an active role in the school, so that they can impart their local knowledge onto the children.

koh surin - model boat collective