Koh Ra

koh ra - beach sunset

Ban Koh Ra is located on a small mangrove bay on Koh Ra island. The village is made up of Moken Sea Gypsy people from the Koh Surin and Thais from the mainland. The Moken people of Ban Koh Ra consider themselves to be Thai Moken and own official Thai ID cards originally offered to the Moken 30 years ago by the King. There are 10 simple wooden huts, thatched with nypa palm and around 20 people living in the village.

A trip to Ban Koh Ra will allow you to make a meaningful contribution to their wellbeing via the community fund. Take a walk through the village and witness an ancient way of life and continue into the jungle to see the plants used for cooking and medicinal purposes. Currently, tours of the village are only available via the Koh Ra Ecolodge, as there is no official tourism group or coordinator to facilitate visitors from other sources. There is no accommodation at Ban Koh Ra village, but visitors can stay at the nearby Ecolodge.

koh ra - rare orchids