Koh Kho Khao Village

Situated on the Andaman Coast, Koh Kho Khao offers abundant nature and traces of an ancient civilization to visitors. Archeologists presume that the island and its harbor were part of a former trading route linking India, China, the Middle East, and Malaysia.

The archeological site “Thung Tuk” on Koh Kho Khao bears evidence of the glorious past. Discoveries include a statue of Ganesh, ancient beads, remains of pottery made during China's Tang Dynasty, and Persian glass fragments.

The locals are trying to create another side of tourism (beyond the resorts) by creating community tourism focusing on ecology and the local way of life. There are two homestay groups (one near beach and the other in the middle of rubber plantations) where you can connect with the spirit of Southern Thai people.

Virgin rainforest

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