Experience the warmth of Southern Thai hospitality and get an authentic taste of the local way of life while making friends along the way.

In this section you can find a number of exciting destinations, listed according to the communities that can lead you there.

Ban Lion Surrounded mangroves and golden grass fields, this community now offers homestays, island tours, turtle conservation, and volunteer opportunities.

Ban Na Experience forest hiking, local crafts, and geothermal springs combined with a touch of northeastern Thai culture.

Ban Talae Nok Historic fishing village with an award-winning homestay featuring cultural and handicraft activities, fishing and snorkeling trips.

Muang Kluang Warm-hearted residents share volunteer opportunities, exploration of Kapoe Bay, homestays, and sustainable agriculture.

Koh Ra Witness an ancient way of life in this Moken sea gypsy village on a remote island. Take a walk through the village and into the forest beyond.

Koh Surin Visit the Moken tribe of sea nomads to experience the beauty of indigenous culture on the village tour and nature trail.

Nakha Conservation group offering bamboo or inflatable rafting along the Nakha River to see a rare water lily that blooms in winter.

Ton Kloy Popular waterfall and swimming hole, also home to an ecotourism group offering jungle treks to waterfalls and an old tin mine.