Code of Conduct

Thailand is a diverse country with many different religions and customs.

Please take note of the following points they're easy to observe, and will gain you the respect of locals. You can also learn more about responsible tourism and read our short-but-revealing guide to Thai culture.


  • There is no alcohol, drugs or pork allowed in Muslim villages.
  • It is customary in Thailand to remove shoes before entering a house, mosque or shop. If you are unsure, see if there are any shoes outside by the door.
  • In Thai culture women dress modestly. When visiting villages, women should keep shoulders and knees covered. Please avoid low-cut tops, long-slung trousers and short skirts or shorts.
  • Some villages are located near the beach. When on the beach in a Muslim area, please wear shorts and T-shirt over your swimming costume.
  • It is not normal for Thai people to show strong affection in public.

Human Dignity

  • Villagers and locals should be treated with respect and not as simple subject matter for holiday pictures. Please ask before taking pictures, or alternatively, simply point to your camera and make an OK sign
  • Giving random presents (e.g. toys, candy) to children can lead to expectations and may ultimately result in begging. Instead, make a donation to the community fund or to a project.


  • Please dispose of litter thoughtfully and assist the villagers keep their village clean
  • Consider not to taking shells or coral from the beach and sea, but rather to leave them where they can be appreciated by all.
  • It is safer not to feed monkeys or other wild animals