Climate and Geography

climate and geography

The North Andaman region has two seasons; the dry season (November to April) and the green season (May to October). Temperatures remain around 30°C throughout the year, reaching up to 35°C around the months of March and April, Thailand's hottest months.

The southwest monsoon brings precipitation from May to October, but it's always a good time to visit, so don't let the odd rain shower put you off.

Diverse Habitats

IUCN has created a beautiful ecosystem map of the area, showing a wide array of landscapes including:

  • island savannah
  • beach forest
  • coral reefs
  • sea-grass beds
  • evergreen, dry, and montane forests
  • and one of the largest and most intact mangrove areas left in Southeast Asia.

National Parks

There are a number of national parks protected areas in the region, including Sri Phang Nga National Park and Nakha Wildlife Sanctuary, both of which have great hiking trails and scenic waterfalls. For coastal and island exploration, make sure to visit Surin Islands National Park or check out Laem Son National Park for island-hopping, mangrove exploration, and bird-watching.

For more information, see the Department of National Parks website