Ban Talae Nok Village

Ban Talae Nok Village

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Ban Talae Nok is a traditional Muslim fishing village dedicated to ecotourism for nature conservation. On December 26, 2004, the village suffered terribly from the tsunami, losing an entire section of the village and 46 lives. As part of its recovery, the village has embraced the conservation of mangroves, tropical forest, and marine life.

The homes and traditional way of life in Ban Talae Nok are open to you to. Packed away in your bag as you leave Ban Talae Nok will be cultural mementos of your time: handcrafted soap and batik you made with the villagers.

Steering through the maze of mangroves, local boatmen, will show you forest habitat critical for their livelihood and survival. Walking through the community conservation forest will take you back to a time when the village was surrounded only by tropical forest. Fishing from the beach or on the ocean will give a deeper insight into their way of life and bond with the fishermen.

And of course, after a day in the mangroves, chatting with your homestay family enjoying tasty food can only spice up the conservation with tales of faraway homes and fascinating stories of local life.

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Ban Talae nok beach sunset