Ban Na Village

The floral diversity of the Ban Na area is notable, both in terms of rare forest plants and the agricultural diversity and traditional methods by which farming is practiced.

While in Ban Na you can take a gentle river rafting trip that is as educational as it is enjoyable. Stroll through traditional coffee and fruit farms as song birds chirp from the trees overhead. Next, head into the forest to reach geothermal springs, a spectacular waterfall, or the regions highest "mountain."

In addition to exploring the area's natural wonders, you can also interact with artisans making locally-woven sarongs, herbal balms and coffee wood furniture.

Nearby homestay accommodations can be found in Muang Kluang and Ban Talae Nok. Alternately, you can camp at Laem Son National Park or find bungalows at Andaman Peace Resort

handicraft making saraongs

hot spring jungle trek

jungle river rafting