Ban Na Story

The Story of Ban Na

Originally, the area around Ban Na was sparsely populated forest. Roughly 20 years ago the government began construction of a road that was to cut across the Isthmus of Kra from Kapoe to Surathani province. The project was eventually abandoned, however, a number of the north-eastern Thai construction labourers stayed in the area and were later joined by their families.

Today, agriculture is the predominant livelihood, with occasional income from forest products, wage labor, and fresh-water aquaculture.

The Ban Na Watershed is located along the upper part of Kapoe River in the sub-districts of Ban Na, Chiew Leang and Kapoe. The watershed has high ecosystem value, and contains pristine forest habitat, an abundance of wildlife and endangered species, hot springs, and mountains.

Protected areas in the watershed are divided between three Wildlife Sanctuaries, with headquarters in different provinces (Kuan Mae Yai Mon in Chum Porn, Klong Na Kha in Ranong, and Klong Yan in Surat Thani). The Kapoe River flows from the Ban Na Watershed into Kapoe estuary, another area of ecological significance.

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