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Southern Thailand Tourism - Andaman Discoveries

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Southern Thailand Tourism - Andaman Discoveries

The goal of the website is to encourage responsible tourism by providing access to the attractions and activities found in this hidden corner of Thailand.

This website is a collaborative effort of N-ACT — the North Andaman Community Tourism Network. The network serves as an evolving platform to increase the contribution of tourism to sustainable livelihoods and sound ecosystem management by providing communities with access to the best available knowledge and practices.

The network's success is based on careful selection of partners capable communities and ethical businesses with a genuine commitment to responsible tourism. The network has developed a number of tools for community tourism development and also works closely with local conservation and community development efforts.

Support comes from IUCN Thailand and Mangroves for the Future, Andaman Discoveries, and the Mangrove Action Project.

Content is based on information gathered from community members over six years, and all details found within this website are subject to change.