Who is Featured and Why

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In compiling information for this website, a great deal of time was spent engaging with all possible stakeholders. This sorting process generated a repository of local tourism knowledge, and, more importantly, allowed for identification of potential allies from a large group of actors.

An ever-increasing number of community groups on the North Andaman coast are interested or active in tourism development, 25 of which were considered for inclusion in this website according to tourist access and activities, acceptance from the community, and good leadership. Based on local experience, the following factors of success most strongly influence the outcome of community tourism:

  • skill of leadership and participation of members in a community group
  • diversity and appeal of tourism activities offered
  • external support for marketing and promotion
  • community-wide benefit from tourism
  • direct links between tourism and conservation

who why

For the Responsible Tourism Businesses section, this website has set standards for private sector involvement. Tourism is essentially a private sector industry, and local communities require business partners to succeed. Yet, there is a danger that the label of "community-based" tourism could be adopted by the private sector without attention to the needs of communities (much like "eco" tourism has been adopted without regard to conservation).

N-ACT, the North Andaman Community Tourism Network, has initiated an ongoing survey of local and regional tourism businesses to determine involvement in eco and community tourism, and commitment to principles of sustainable tourism. Businesses with a favorable score are included in this website. The core elements of the business survey are:

  • Natural component of products offered
  • Awareness of sustainable and/or community tourism
  • Active involvement in sustainable and/or community tourism
  • Customer demand for eco/nature tourism and community tourism
  • Contribution to local community
  • Annual volume of tourists